Crowdfunding Spotlight: Bio Syndrome Kickstarter

Everyone likes something for free? Right? Well, I'd like to draw your attention to this KS for the Biosyndrome skirmish rules. For those who don't already know anything about BioSyndrome, it's a currently free set of skirmish wargaming rules, of which allows you to use what ever 28mm miniatures you like to have a game… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Bio Syndrome Kickstarter

Project Brainstorming: Dynasty Warriors 15mm; Can it be done?

So, this year I have quite a few ideas for new settings for my wargaming projects, since this is 2014 , I thought I'd get the ball rolling and start getting my arse into gear sorting my lists of aquisitions in order, and to see if these plans are going to be doo-able within my… Continue reading Project Brainstorming: Dynasty Warriors 15mm; Can it be done?

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Magmod Scenics’ Fortified Farmstead Kickstarter

I do like terrain and scenics for wargaming possibly more than any other aspect of wargaming, and I can really appreciate a good set piece on the gaming table like this KS from Magmod Scenics, their fortified dark age farmstead, thats running right now. Things like this make me want to create whole new projects… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Magmod Scenics’ Fortified Farmstead Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Spotlight: GamerGauge Kickstarter

I wanted to point out this KS, as I know there'll be loads of you out there that this is going to interest. This is the GamerGuage, a distance measuring system for wargaming that gets rid of the reliance for using the tape measure most of the time. The key to this, is the whole… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: GamerGauge Kickstarter

10mm Zombies now available from Pendraken!

Finally it's time to start zombie wargaming in a new scale, yes Pendraken have released the new scifi revamps, which includes the much anticipated zombies and survivors! Now I just need to start thinking about making some appropriate scenery in 10mm and getting some of these bad boys! If you don't wargame the apocolypse, then… Continue reading 10mm Zombies now available from Pendraken!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Manorhouse Workshop on Indiegogo

Absolutely stunning stuff here from Manor House Workshop, 28mm terrain at the top end. I fear that most of us can only dream of a custom set up like this, but one can dream! I'm pretty surprised that they have only raised a bit so far, as a lot of what they are offering is… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Manorhouse Workshop on Indiegogo

Grinning Skull Miniatures Released Today!!

So, the day has come for my very own miniatures range, Grinning Skull Miniatures to be available on general release! It's been a long journey to get them from their humble beginnings to the fully fledged range as they are, and I'm really glad that this project has bore fruit! The excellent team at… Continue reading Grinning Skull Miniatures Released Today!!

ZAS 15mm Kickstarter funding gains Critical Mass!

You may know that my preferred miniature scale is 15mm, so I had to highlight this new KS from Critical Mass Games for their cool looking 15mm ZAS mercs. They really are doing well with this at the moment and are already funded and on to their stretch goals! They are offering plenty of great… Continue reading ZAS 15mm Kickstarter funding gains Critical Mass!

New Zombie Wargaming Community on G+

So, I have just recently started to use G+, I wasn't really into it at all to start, but while browsing the groups, I noticed that there wasn't a zombie wargaming group there. With that fact in mind, I started one! Yes I know there are quite a few very nice and already established isolated… Continue reading New Zombie Wargaming Community on G+

Armies Army Kickstarter Ends on a high note! We already know that the Armies Army Kickstarter was fully funded, but finally finished at a total of £3,250! Well done Keith on your great success with the Neo British, and we look forward to what's next in store for your ranges!   Related articles ARMIES ARMY 15mm BRITANNIA KICKSTARTER LIVE! 15mm SciFi Future… Continue reading Armies Army Kickstarter Ends on a high note!