4xD: Paint it grey; The Monotone Monologue

Now, there must be some of you out there thinking to yourselves that I seem to favour the colour grey quite a bit. Maybe it may be a subliminal reflection upon myself and my psyche, but there is method in my madness. Sure, I have to admit that a great deal of my terrain work… Continue reading 4xD: Paint it grey; The Monotone Monologue

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Adventures in expanded foam, part 3; Cavern features

Back again with the next part of Grim's Dungeons of Doom, and more adventures in expanding foam, and how you can craft some decent scenics with this little used material. OK, for part three, we are going to deal with cavern features, mainly hazard pools and stalagmites. I've opted here to create pieces that illustrate… Continue reading Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Adventures in expanded foam, part 3; Cavern features

Painting WIP: Two headed Troll Sculpt

So, I'm getting through loads of stuff paintwise, that needs doing, and this has been put off for ages. This is of course, my own two headed troll sculpt thats been waiting for a long time. You'll have to excuse the shadow on many of these pics due to the lack of natural light and… Continue reading Painting WIP: Two headed Troll Sculpt

Troll Tribe: Old School Grenadier War Troll.

I've been turning my hand back to painting up stuff from my lead pile of late, and thought it was about time to start up another unit. Since this old Fantasy Warriors Troll was already undercoated and pre prepared, I thought I might as well get around to it. My trolls are a mixed bunch,… Continue reading Troll Tribe: Old School Grenadier War Troll.

Wargames Supply Dump get set to release the Draxxon!

So I'm here briefly to talk about the Draxxion sculpts I sold on a while ago to Roger at Wargames Supply Dump. I've not had much time for the net lately, trying rather to get back on track with stuff, mostly painting and planning designs and such. Roger kindly sent me some finished castings of… Continue reading Wargames Supply Dump get set to release the Draxxon!

A bit of painting does you good!

I've been trying to fit in some miniature painting over this last week, I admit that it's been ages since I've had time to get some colours on any of my miniatures, so with a bit of inspiration from my lead haul I attained from triples a few weeks ago, I thought it was about… Continue reading A bit of painting does you good!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wargames Bakery Stencilis

You might remember Wargames Bakery and their last KS campaign, with their base stamps and their groovy name, and this time they are back with another new addition to the many stencils that are available on the market. Even so there are quite a lot of stencils available at the moment, these differ from many… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wargames Bakery Stencilis