40K 8th Ed: Deathguard Army: Custom Hellbrute W.I.P. 1

So I'm trying to get some kind of 8th edition 40k nurgle Deathguard army together, just to get back into the game (haven't played it since 4th edition) but I really wanted to use as much customised and independent companies stuff instead of GW's VERY expensive stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love their stuff,… Continue reading 40K 8th Ed: Deathguard Army: Custom Hellbrute W.I.P. 1

Painting WIP: Two headed Troll Sculpt

So, I'm getting through loads of stuff paintwise, that needs doing, and this has been put off for ages. This is of course, my own two headed troll sculpt thats been waiting for a long time. You'll have to excuse the shadow on many of these pics due to the lack of natural light and… Continue reading Painting WIP: Two headed Troll Sculpt

Terrain Workshop: WIP 15mm Industrial Zone

So, back to the grind. With events of late, I've been having a hard time motivating myself to complete various jobs that I'm supposed to be doing, stuff like this tends to lack importance compared to when life deals out shitty hands. Still, time dredges on, stuff needs doing and thus, whether you like it… Continue reading Terrain Workshop: WIP 15mm Industrial Zone

More 15mm 40k Space orc(y) goodness. Squiggoth WIP

To carry on with my 15mm space orc lot, I thought I'd share my latest addition to them, my squiggoth. It's a repurposed scotia-grendel 28mm warbeast (a Kev adams sculpt I think) that I had knocking around. With an added howdah and a large cannon (plus a few random snotlings as 15mm grots for crew,… Continue reading More 15mm 40k Space orc(y) goodness. Squiggoth WIP

Mini Sculpting: 28mm Ettin/2 headed troll; Fnar-frag the two faced!

Ok, you're going to have to forgive my net connection, it's not great at the best of times, but like I have told you before, I promised to show you some stuff I have been working on. This is a personal WIP for my WFB orc and gobbo army, mainly my troll mob. I must… Continue reading Mini Sculpting: 28mm Ettin/2 headed troll; Fnar-frag the two faced!

Black Dog HQ landing pad scenic WIP

Every time I walk past the HQ model of the Black dog building I made, I get the urge to start expanding the scenery how I had intended to originally. I do then, realise that this kind of thing needs time devoted to it. Yesterday, I had a couple of hours spare to get something… Continue reading Black Dog HQ landing pad scenic WIP

My first attempt at sculpting an Oggam in 15mm, WIP

Ok, let me first say this. I have never sculpted anything in this scale. Yes, I have sculpted lots of bigger things, but never something this small. I know there is a few issues with this figure, but considering I haven't done this before. I messed up with the legs, I should have done them… Continue reading My first attempt at sculpting an Oggam in 15mm, WIP

Scratch Built 28mm Castle/Dungeon Interior WIP

As you may have gathered, I tend to have many projects on the go most of the time. This time I'd like to share my part done castle interior, I plan on doing the outside later with some towers and such, so I can use it as a castle ruin on the ¬†battlefield as well… Continue reading Scratch Built 28mm Castle/Dungeon Interior WIP