Will “Grim” Grundy is an artist by trade, he has worked first in the LARP special effects industry back in the early to mid 90’s and studied under Mike Stringer of Second Skin and Hybrid for a time, he was also co owner of “Abyss FX”, the stuff included LARP, Theatre and commercial TV and promotional work. Over the years he has contributed to many different small press publications, with art and illustrations ranging from RPGs, LARP rulebooks and supplements, and Pagan/occult periodicals and magazines. He also teamed up with his sister in 96/97 to create “Trinity”, a firm that would produce hand made ritual magick tools and occult items, such as ouija, daggers, staffs and altar statues for many Pagan/occult/alternative shops and outlets. He has worked countless private art commissions ranging from tattoo design, portrait, oils/acrylics on canvas’, web graphics, branding, modelmaking (Wargames, diorama, model railway and remote control vehicles, right up to full size masks and busts, and mannekins), weapons (swords, spears, daggers and maces), making suits of armour (metal, fibreglass and plastic), casting (latex/plaster/resins/silicone),T-shirt art and logo design, plus many other random art related jobs.

His hobbies include, Wargaming and miniatures, horror/scifi and fantasy movies and media, the Paranormal and the occult (ran the Doncaster Ghost watch project in 2006/7), music, partying, cats, chickens and family to name but a few.

Grim says: ” The Grinning skull represents the illusion of all humans, to hide behind a mask of skin, while underneath the flesh, the skull grins on.”

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