You can find tons of useful stuff on the web, if your savvy there are plenty of free and low cost wargaming & RPG stuff that will save you a packet. I hope then to create here a good reference section so that I can help guide you to some real gems to relieve some of the stress to your funds. I hope that in time this could end up as a useful resource guide to include free rules, floorplans, free software, rules expansions and more. I’ll update this page as often as possible, but I need your help to keep looking for new free stuff for everyone to make use of.

UPDATE: Since studying this sites stats, it seems like many of you like this resource page A LOT! So with that thought in mind I would like to add that I would love it if myself and other users of this site & page would keep updating these useful links to material that we can keep in one place for us all to use, time and time again. If anyone reading this has any additional links to good free stuff out there on the interwebs. Use the contact us box on the end of this page to submit new links to index here. Keep us at the top #2 on the first page of google for  free paper models wargaming searches!

Please let me know if you would like to be listed on this page, along with a little blurb to let me and everyone else know just how great the resource is, and we’ll take a look and stick it up on here for everyone to use!!

NOTICE: All these links are directly to other sites hosting them, and that none of the material presented here is hosted here at the Grinning Skull. I bear no responsibility for the material and data, other than keeping the links as up to date as I can. Thanks.


PAPERMAU– An excellent source of free models, plenty that are ideal for wargaming terrain.

WORDSWORTH MODEL RAILWAY– Free UK papermodel kits for railways in O and HO scale ideal for wargaming terrain.

MONKTARAZ-Some cool Warhammer and D&D paper minis including an imperial steam tank and other goodies!

MALY MODELARZ– Brilliant Russian site with tons of vintage paper models mostly vehicles (the galleons & boats would be ideal for creating massive fleets for battles, plus loads more great wargaming ideas me thinks!) but there are buildings in there too, but these archives are massive so it’ll take ages of browsing to get the most from here! Use google translate to make navigation easier around the site!

ANGELSGHOSTS.COM– Cool little papermodel haunted house that would go well with other similar horror type themed house models on this list.

Christmas Village Displays– some rather nice models that would suit wargaming scenery.– Lots of free stuff from this site, in many scales, very useful buildings for moderns plus odds and ends for everything else

STAR WARS XBOX KINNECT MOS EISLEY BUILDINGS As it says, not sure of scale but done for the xbox kinnect game for a promo

PAPERHOLLYWOOD– More links to all sorts of movie related free models, some good, some poor, great STAR WARS page with plenty of other stuff too that could be put to use by a thrifty wargamer!

HAWK WARGAMES free 10mm buildings for the dropship commander game, but they would do well for any other game in 10mm you choose to play (without the hefty price tag)

BUILD YOUR OWN MAIN STREET a load of great building kits, scaled at 20mm, perfect for modern games.

PAPERREPLIKA– over 8000 links to various paper models covering all sorts of model genres

HAUNTED DIMENSIONS– great set of free paper kits of scary looking buildings, even the bates motel and the Amityville  house (trust me, this one will be turning up in my zombie games soon…)

AKAFUKU.CO.JP– Some great looking buildings here, although I’m not sure of the scale as I haven’t built these yet, check them out!

DOSHISHA SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY– has a good 1/100 scale building here, perfect for 15mm.

RED CHURCH– A great looking chapel/church in what looks like 20mm

SOME GREAT 1/100 BUILDINGS including a petrol station and other buildings in the same scale.

RAVENSBLIGHT MANOR Another brill haunted house, that even has inside, I have done this a few times for my kids and its pretty good!

SCALESCENES Has a rather good free warehouse model (its a bit tricky, but very cool)

ARIZONA HOUSE– This is a great looking model, check it!

GERMY– There are a few great pieces of sci-fi buildings here, take a good look around, it’s a great site!

WHAT TOMMYGUN DOES WHAT WITH PAPER!– There are so many great free 28mm scale modern paper models here, you’ll be loving it, it’s a link to the Warseer forum thread where his brilliant models are located (It seems like he has some website probs, so you’ll have to make do with this!)

DP9– Plenty of useable sci-fi 10mm scale stuff from the heavy gear game.

WARGAMING FORUMS- have some great Combat Storm links to some building packs, and some smaller WWII stuff here too

PAPER TERRAIN.COM have a spiffy little house and ruin sample kit here, basic but nice and easy!

SPACESTATION 42– A great collection of useful links to all kinds of papermodels, have a good search around as there is hours of fun to be had, just investigating each link!!

15mm SCI-FI YAHOO GROUP– There are some decent downloadable print out 15mm building paper skins in the download section, easy to make and good for moderns too!

BILLY’S SHED– Some warhammer 28mm buildings and a few 15mm too.

WIZARDS OF THE COAST– Archive of paper models for D&D, but will suit any fantasy wargame.

FANTASY CUT OUTS– An excellent model of a hovel dwelling, ideal for fantasy/historical wargames. It’s even got an inside to hide troops in etc!

DAVE GRAFFAM MODELS– a few great freebies and a great guide to paper modelling!

MODELS AND MINIATURES IN PAPER ARCHIVE– look around and you’ll find some good buildings here.

GREY WOLF’S PAPER MODELS– A few odds and ends, including a 1/72 scale bus/coach.

WHITEWASH CITY– A great free saloon model download!

SHADOW WOL’S BUILDING PLANS– Wild west/frontier buildings.

1977 DISNEY WESTERN TOWN– Forget the card stand up figures of mickey and co, this is a great if not cartoony looking set of card models. (check out the parent site, its got a great sci-fi city & a polar research station too!)

LUCKY LUKE’S FRONTIER TOWN– Another cartoony style western town, pretty good buildings though, would go well with the saloon and all the other western ones to create a fab wild west town!!

LOTOW– There are three printable wild west style buildings here, just make a few modern signs to stick over the top to make them more up to date.

ERNY”S PLACE-A nice warhammer style house

BLOGTOBARRA– a nice spanish church in 1/87 (ideal for 15mm)

SARNA.NET– Tons and tons of battletech scale buildings free to download.

PAPERTIGER ARMAMENTS.COM– A nice 1/72 old house and some outdoor buildings free here!

PAPERMAKEIT.COM– Some free projects including the city of stone.

PRETZSCH CHRISTMAS MOUNTAIN VILLAGES– Lots and lots in N & Z scale stuff free.

MOMIRFAROOQ Has some starwars and stargate, transformers etc model stuff for wargaming

V-Visitors Shuttle model

PAPERKRAFT.BLOGSPOT.CO.UK– Good blog with daily free papercraft resources. This link is for a 1/47 Star wars LAAT and AT-TE, but there are lots of other interesting models that would be useful for wargaming purposes. Search around a bit for other gems.

PAPER AVIATION.DE– Has a great BSG colonial shuttle free here (look about the parent site for other stuff too)

PARAGON CARD MODELS– Plenty of models of all sorts of flying craft, airplanes and spaceships etc.

PAPERCOMMANDER– Models from the Wing commander games.

DISNEY FAMILY.COM Star tours shuttles here, a couple of variants, but seem easy enough.

SHUTTLE TYBERIUM from ROTJ, very detailed, good model.

28MM HOSPITAL FURNITURE– Would do really good with Grekwoods zombies. Also a good chemical cargo train model here too (there might even be some more gems if you look around)

RORSCHACHHAMSTER‘S blog has some decent dungeon scenery, houses and other bits, search round a bit for paper models and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

TOPSOIL ART– Brilliant set of scifi 28mm stuff including various cargo containers, industrial road board, vehicles and more. 10/10!

ZIOPRUDENZIO-A good castle and country house.

TOSHACH MINIATURES– a free 10mm scale castle and bridge

MODEL PAPER WORLD– Mainly Tommy guns stuff, but a few other useful bits too.

HEROSCAPERS– If you have a root around you’ll find some modern 28mm buildings and scenery

STAR WARS MINATURES -Lots of free scenery downloads of the Death Star, Bespin cloud city and even the moon of Endor terrain for use with the SW collectable miniatures game, but will be fine for other stuff too

GHOSTS OF MAN Loads of star wars vehicles and terrain for the SW collectable miniature game, and some other decent stuff too!

MINI PAPER MODELS has lots of heroquest style furniture for those out there, who like a bit of dungeon crawling.

EPICWARAMING.COM has a bridge, some river sections and ground board for free

DAVE’S DESIGNS– Has a very cool model of the famous Munsters house 1313 mockingbird lane.

PAPERMODELLERS.SK has a great looking 1/87 HO scale Slovak country house that would be a great addition to those 15mm zombie/modern games for your tables.

DESKTOP WARGAMES has quite a few nice 28mm fantasy village pieces to download and populate your gaming space!

MAQUETTES-PAPIER.NET has a two great looking HO scale models, the smithsonian and botanical gardens are available to download and make, as well as a few well known US government buildings (I think they are the same scale) that will come in useful.

ROUTE 66 GAS STATION & WAREHOUSE over on rescaled to HO (1/87) perfect for 15mm

PIZZERIA Not exactly sure just what scale this is, but looks like a nice one to use (a bit of jiggling with the scales when printing should sort things out)

CABIN IN THE WOODS pretty cool scary type structure for the 7ombieTV stuff

WORLD OF WARCRAFT UNOFFICIAL PAPERCRAFT quite a few decent papercraft models from the popular MMPRPG World of warcraft (the human guard tower is quite cool!)

PAPERCRAFT SQUARE Good varied collection of links with all sorts of goodies, theres also a good 40k section devoted to models of a warhammer 40k flavor


ZEN PAPER MINIATURE WORLDS PAGE– Loads of flats of every type,plus plenty of paper terrain too, lots of links, great site

PAPER FRIENDS– Loads of really good  free printable flats in loads of genres.

DOCTOR WHO PAPERCRAFT GROUP– This DeviantArt group has a shitload of paper minis, models and standees for free download, you could easily make entire Dr Who gaming set ups just from here! Great stuff!

HISHGRAPHICS– A ton of Star Wars paperminiatures here, pretty nice for those out there who like a bit of the old “Wars” gaming.


ANNARCHIVE– This is an old skool archive of shareware type files and such from days gone by, although quite random, theres quite a few good resources for the old school RPG/Wargamer, check it out and take a look around for other morsels of RPG and wargaming goodness, including:

DRAGON magazine PDFs (issues 1-250, also Strategic review on that page too)

DUNGEON magazine PDFs (issues 1-150)

ADVENTURER magazine PDFs (issues 1 -11)

 PROTEUS magazine (issues 1 -20)

Plus tons of other well known gamebook series’ listed (sagard, cretan chronicles, way of the tiger, dragon warriors, grailquest, diceman etc)

WARNING: I’m sure some of this is copyrighted material held on the archive without consent etc, so please be aware before downloading!

SILLY HAT BOOKS site has a section of free pen and paper RPGs of various quality and vintage, some good, some not so!

DARKSHIRE.NET has a section of over 500 free pen and paper RPGs, good list, take a look!


BIOSYNDROME great new free wargames rules for zombie gaming

ZOMBIES & SURVIVORS– Grekwood miniatures new free skirmish game featuring, yes you guessed: Zombies and Survivors!

FREE WARGAMES RULES– A source of all kinds of free wargaming rulesets, many different genres.

SALVAGE CREW- Star mogul, sci-fi 28mm/15mm scale scavenging rules (Good stuff)

REX BELLATOR– Black Mouse games 15mm Medieval batle rule set.

NECROMUNDA– Classic GW 40K based hive war gang to gang fights rules!!

MORDHEIM– Another classic GW game, Excellent!

MAGE KNIGHT– Rules, resources and other bits (including paper terrain models)

AKULA’S RULES: SKIRMISH EDITION (AR:SE)– Loads of variant rule sets for download.

KINGS OF WAR/WARPATH– Mantic’s rulesets are free for download in PDF at their site.

BARKING IRONS– additional rules for the USE ME system, Flintloque and other Alternative armies rules

BATTLE FLEET GOTHIC- GW space battles rules and expansions for free download

INQUISITOR– Another GW classic larger scale game, rules and expansions for free download.

EPIC ARAMAGEDDON– GW’s classic mass battle game, rules and expansions here.

DUNGEON WORLD– for use with Pendraken’s 10mm dungeons range,but can be adapted for other scales.

NET EPIC GOLD– A fan made update of the GW EPIC game of yesteryear, plenty of extras, cards and more.

NUCLEAR RENAISSANCE– Ramshackle games own post apoc rules, theres also dunger derby and older versions to download.

CRITICAL MASS GAMES– Critical mass games mission generator for the game + tokens and templates

TWO HOUR WARGAMES– Swordplay and Chain Reaction are two very good quality rulesets. They are free as a come-on to purchase the fleshed out systems.

WEST END GAMES STARWARS MINIATURE BATTLES 3RD ED– A direct link to the entire classic 3rd ed game, bear in mind this is a big file (381mb, so those with a limit to bandwith be warned)

DR WHO MINIATURES GAME RULES– Loads of nice stuff here if you like to game with the doctor and his chums!

FIRESTORM ARMADA– Free space combat rules download from Spartan games

CHRONOPIA– Free rules download and extra supplements


BATTLE CHRONICLER– A free program to make those batreps easier to write!


LOST AND THE DAMNED FORUM-The lost and the damned forum here has lots of nice floor plans/tiles like these here from talion78 or these scans from the old GW boxed sets from back in the day.

DAVESMAPPER– Brilliant site, creating a multitude of random dungeon maps at the touch of a button.

CROOKED STAFF– lots of floorplans for buildings, scifi, dungeons, all free

WILLS HANDMADE DUNGEON FLOORPLANS– Some cool bits that’ll help get a quick dungeon set up done to game with

OVERSOUL GAMES– some great Space hulk type floorplans here further down the page, as well as some 3d bridges and river.

YE OLDE INN– plenty of fantasy floorplans from Heroquest

DUNGEONEERING.NET– A large selection of varied styles of floorplans free for download.

GREY WOLF’S MAP TILES– Good selection of tiles for different styles of game.

Please let me know of any other links you think our community will benefit from by getting all the best links in one place. Contact me by filling out the form below.

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