Grinning Skull Recommends: Cheap Toys that are Great for Table-Top Gaming – Part One!


As you know, I’m all for money saving when it comes to gaming, and I also love toy hacks, so I wanted to share this post from over on, check out some of his other awesome posts by visiting his blog.

Anyway, this top 5 has some cool stuff that can be easily converted for your games and models, plus links to places you can get them!!

If you like cheap toy hacks, also check out The giant scorpion toy hack and The bag “o” Skeletons review from the archive!!


The following are just some Cheap Toys I’ve found while browsing the net that I think would have excellent potential for Table Top Gaming, whether it’s just giving them a quick paint job, or Kit-Bashing them to the point where the original model is unrecognizable (or you get the “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?” reaction from your friends).

Item Number One: True Legends Mythical Warriors

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