Warboard Kickstarter update: £10k stretch goal unlocks 15mm board!!

Just to let you fellow 15mm gamers know, the £10K stretch goal for the campaign has been reached, thus unlocking the option for a 15mm version of this great item! That's right, this time the 15mm gods have decreed that these nifty boards will now be available at half size (well, still the same size,… Continue reading Warboard Kickstarter update: £10k stretch goal unlocks 15mm board!!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Warboard gaming mat Kickstarter

This KS nearly slipped through quietly, the Warboard from warsmith. As you can see, it's a folding modular board made in the same way as board game boards. I like the idea personally, only I wish more were done like this for 15mm gaming (Well, you knew that I was going to say that, right?!)… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Warboard gaming mat Kickstarter