Crowdfunding Spotlight: Burrows & Badgers: FreeLances Oathsworn Miniatures Kickstarter

It's seems like it's been ages since I highlighted a good crowdfunder, so in respect of that, i've decided that this weekend I'm going to, starting off with Oathsworn's Burrows and Badgers Freelances campaign. For fans of anthro type minis with a fantasy theme, these are a fantastic addition to their growing range. There's Foxes.… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Burrows & Badgers: FreeLances Oathsworn Miniatures Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Oathsworn Miniatures: Heroes Kickstarter

Oathsworn if you recall, ran the earlier Dwarven KS a little while ago, this time they are back with a new campaign, and it's one that halfling army wargamers will enjoy. There's a lot of really nice figures in this lot, including the halfling ninja, which is inspired I think. I wouldn't mind a whole… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Oathsworn Miniatures: Heroes Kickstarter