A bit of painting does you good!

I've been trying to fit in some miniature painting over this last week, I admit that it's been ages since I've had time to get some colours on any of my miniatures, so with a bit of inspiration from my lead haul I attained from triples a few weeks ago, I thought it was about… Continue reading A bit of painting does you good!

Pendraken’s Post our paint campaign on change.org

Rather than you hear me waffle on, I thought I'd lift this straight from Leon's post from the Pendraken Forum: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/royal-mail-lift-the-restrictions-on-shipping-water-based-paints What is this? Due to recent changes in their shipping restrictions, Royal Mail will no longer ship more than 4 pots of water-based paint per package, with each pot having a maximum volume of… Continue reading Pendraken’s Post our paint campaign on change.org

10mm Zombies now available from Pendraken!

Finally it's time to start zombie wargaming in a new scale, yes Pendraken have released the new scifi revamps, which includes the much anticipated zombies and survivors! Now I just need to start thinking about making some appropriate scenery in 10mm and getting some of these bad boys! If you don't wargame the apocolypse, then… Continue reading 10mm Zombies now available from Pendraken!

10mm Zombies: Pendraken zombie survivors preview!

For those of you who are anticipating the release of Pendraken's 10mm modern zombie miniatures, take a look at the greens over on the Pendraken forum! Sculpted by the very talented industry veteran, Phil Lewis, these little survivors are going to be a great addition to the forthcoming range in this scale. I myself will… Continue reading 10mm Zombies: Pendraken zombie survivors preview!

Tales from the Poundshop: “Not” Micromachines as 10mm Cop cars!

A trip to the local poundland/99p stores turned up this great little pack of "not" micromachine type cars, and as I'm busy putting stuff away ready for when Pendraken's 10mm zombie range comes out, these are going to be a great addition to modern city stuff for my board. As you can see from the… Continue reading Tales from the Poundshop: “Not” Micromachines as 10mm Cop cars!

Survivors ahoy! Pendraken 10mm sci-fi civilians

I thought I'd share with you my last entry to the Pendraken painting comp 2013. This lot are from their sci-fi range, Male sci-fi civilians and female civilians. They turned out ok and don't have a cat in hell's chance of winning I don't think, but regardless of the comp the reason I got them… Continue reading Survivors ahoy! Pendraken 10mm sci-fi civilians

10mm Pendraken Sci-fi Minotaurs

Having pushed myself to find some painting time in the last few days, I managed to get some 10mm Sci-fi minotaurs done for entry to the Pendraken painting comp. Although these are for use in 10mm, they scale perfectly to 15mm as bovine beastmen types in my scifi games. I can recommend these little fellers… Continue reading 10mm Pendraken Sci-fi Minotaurs

Pendraken Preview new 10mm Modern Zombies!

Well, it's been the moment I've been waiting for, the guys at Pendraken Miniatures have revealed that they plan on releasing their walking dead inspired range of modern zombies in 10mm scale! I myself have been thinking about the huge meta horde games I'm going to play with these wonderful little zomers! Sculpted by Phil… Continue reading Pendraken Preview new 10mm Modern Zombies!

Finished Pendraken 10mm Squogglers

I got these little fellows done, based up and shifted from my to do tray to finished tray (You know what I mean, everyone has a production line with minis don't they?!) I love these figures,I may have to get a few units of these to use as alien natives in my Salvage Crew games,… Continue reading Finished Pendraken 10mm Squogglers

Pendraken 10mm Squoggler

A while back, I got into trying to create a snotling force for my WFB (Warhammer fantasy battle) orcs and gobbos. While looking around for alternative "snotlings" (mainly 10mm and 15mm goblins and such) I got some of these from Pendraken.co.uk, the premier manufacturer of 10mm miniatures. Its a "not" Squig. They were going to… Continue reading Pendraken 10mm Squoggler