Pendraken’s Post our paint campaign on

Rather than you hear me waffle on, I thought I'd lift this straight from Leon's post from the Pendraken Forum: What is this? Due to recent changes in their shipping restrictions, Royal Mail will no longer ship more than 4 pots of water-based paint per package, with each pot having a maximum volume of… Continue reading Pendraken’s Post our paint campaign on

We all float down here: Tales of Northampton’s creepy clown!

Some of you might not be aware of a social media buzz about a strange clown that's seen about parts of Northampton in the last week. He doesn't speak, just waves and generally creeps people out! No one knows who he is, or where he comes from, and thus the mystery widens... Thinking this whole… Continue reading We all float down here: Tales of Northampton’s creepy clown!

Grekwood Miniatures Facebook Giveaway Comp!!

Just want to let you guys know about a cool little facebook comp from Rovanite (From over on the Board of the living lead forum), the very kind chap from Grekwood Miniatures, who's running a lucky sweepstake to win one of the above miniatures (or 3 if you were to win and choose C, the… Continue reading Grekwood Miniatures Facebook Giveaway Comp!!

Amazon call time on Zombieland TV series.

Just a quick post to tell you that if you enjoyed the Zombieland TV pilot from Amazon, well sad news is it's been cancelled. It seems they will not be carrying on with the series, which is a shame, but not something any of us should loose sleep over. It was OK, but like I… Continue reading Amazon call time on Zombieland TV series.

Derren Brown’s Anticlimactic Apocolypse…

So, did you see the conclusion to the two part Apocolypse? I watched eager to laugh at this weeks episode, but alas ┬áthere were not as many this week. Sure the poor lad was heartbroken when he failed to get airlifted out of the compound, call ┬áme cruel, but that was funny, it just was… Continue reading Derren Brown’s Anticlimactic Apocolypse…

Derren Brown’s Apocalypse promises the end of the world for just one. This one is for all you zombie apocolypse fans out there, Derren Brown, famous hypnotist/magician has a new show on Channel 4 this Friday. Its called Derren Brown's Apocolypse and is centred around one guy, getting a wake up call on his lazy living! here's a snippet from the daily record: IF Derren Brown… Continue reading Derren Brown’s Apocalypse promises the end of the world for just one.

My shameless plug for my son’s new blog!

    I promised my son that I would give him a plug for his new blog on wordpress. He's only 11 but he's a big Sci-fi fan and wants to update as many people as he can on the latest movies and media. You can visit his site here at:   Please… Continue reading My shameless plug for my son’s new blog!

My first Post!

Well, it was about time I started a blog for the project and my art, if the whole thing falls apart, never fear, its easy to do something else!     Related articles How to Write a Novel in One Easy Blog Post At Last! Facebook Allows Pages to Schedule Posts, Assign Admin Roles Balancing… Continue reading My first Post!