Apocalypse 28mm: Warnings & Notices of the Dead PDF available for download on Wargame Vault!

Yet again, I'm back with another new PDF, this time with a new addition to the modern horror themed apocalypse range of model detailing; Apocalypse 28mm: Warnings and notices of the dead. This is a collection of modern horror zombie themed signage to add to your models and projects. This PDF can be used with… Continue reading Apocalypse 28mm: Warnings & Notices of the Dead PDF available for download on Wargame Vault!

[Graphic] Failed Doomsday Predictions through the ages.

As you know, The Grinning Skull tends to feature material concerning Armageddon, the zombie apocolypse and most things four horseman-like, so Allison and the team at Onlinepsychologydegree.net thought you might like this fun infographic about some instances the doom sayers have got it wrong! If you have anything that you think our readers would  find… Continue reading [Graphic] Failed Doomsday Predictions through the ages.

Watch Derren Brown’s Apocolypse Online Now!

Understanding and Embracing Diversity


One of the UK’s most famous magician/TV personality, Derren Brown has teamed up with Channel 4 to create one of the most entertaining two-part shows I have ever seen, named Derren Brown’s Apocalypse. In this series, Derren and his team led Steven Brosnan to believe that the world is about to end. Steven was fed false information about a meteor that was about to strike the world through tweets, news coverage and TV advertisements- all manufactured by Derren Brown and his team, with the help of Steven’s family (the show reminded me of The Truman Show- trailer below). Steven then rode a bus with his brother- also one of Brown’s accomplice- with the belief that he was going to a gig by The Killers. The bus stopped due to some problems and they witnessed explosion after explosion. After being hypnotized by Brown, Steven woke up in what looked like a…

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Derren Brown’s Anticlimactic Apocolypse…

So, did you see the conclusion to the two part Apocolypse? I watched eager to laugh at this weeks episode, but alas  there were not as many this week. Sure the poor lad was heartbroken when he failed to get airlifted out of the compound, call  me cruel, but that was funny, it just was… Continue reading Derren Brown’s Anticlimactic Apocolypse…

Derren Brown’s End of the world Headf**k!

So, which of you had the chance to see Derren Brown's latest hypnotic headfuck "apocolypse"? I must say, I'm not really keen on the man himself, but I found this really entertaining, and I found myself laughing at it a lot! Why did I laugh? Well, for one, the amount of set up that was… Continue reading Derren Brown’s End of the world Headf**k!