Government plans Esoteric content ban on the net for UK users!

I just wanted to share this info graphic with you, the Uk Government are at it again with even more censorship planned, not only do they want to see us spoon fed exactly what info they feel is right, but they want to dictate your religious freedom. Take a read and make your own mind… Continue reading Government plans Esoteric content ban on the net for UK users!

Grekwood Miniatures Facebook Giveaway Comp!!

Just want to let you guys know about a cool little facebook comp from Rovanite (From over on the Board of the living lead forum), the very kind chap from Grekwood Miniatures, who's running a lucky sweepstake to win one of the above miniatures (or 3 if you were to win and choose C, the… Continue reading Grekwood Miniatures Facebook Giveaway Comp!!

New Zombie Wargaming Community on G+

So, I have just recently started to use G+, I wasn't really into it at all to start, but while browsing the groups, I noticed that there wasn't a zombie wargaming group there. With that fact in mind, I started one! Yes I know there are quite a few very nice and already established isolated… Continue reading New Zombie Wargaming Community on G+