10mm Zombies: Pendraken zombie survivors preview!

For those of you who are anticipating the release of Pendraken's 10mm modern zombie miniatures, take a look at the greens over on the Pendraken forum! Sculpted by the very talented industry veteran, Phil Lewis, these little survivors are going to be a great addition to the forthcoming range in this scale. I myself will… Continue reading 10mm Zombies: Pendraken zombie survivors preview!

ZAS 15mm Kickstarter funding gains Critical Mass!

You may know that my preferred miniature scale is 15mm, so I had to highlight this new KS from Critical Mass Games for their cool looking 15mm ZAS mercs. They really are doing well with this at the moment and are already funded and on to their stretch goals! They are offering plenty of great… Continue reading ZAS 15mm Kickstarter funding gains Critical Mass!

Pendraken Preview new 10mm Modern Zombies!

Well, it's been the moment I've been waiting for, the guys at Pendraken Miniatures have revealed that they plan on releasing their walking dead inspired range of modern zombies in 10mm scale! I myself have been thinking about the huge meta horde games I'm going to play with these wonderful little zomers! Sculpted by Phil… Continue reading Pendraken Preview new 10mm Modern Zombies!