Pendraken Preview new 10mm Modern Zombies!


Well, it’s been the moment I’ve been waiting for, the guys at Pendraken Miniatures have revealed that they plan on releasing their walking dead inspired range of modern zombies in 10mm scale! I myself have been thinking about the huge meta horde games I’m going to play with these wonderful little zomers!

Sculpted by Phil Lewis (Legend of 80’s GW fame) These little beauties are being prepared for a release date of between Feb/March. There’s a load of variants of zombie goodness, including a zombie dog! I hope this line is one the guys are going to keep adding to, with a good selection of survivor types, modern vehicles and maybe more!

Here are some pics of the greens to give you some idea of what to expect. First the male zombies….


And, the Females and crawlers….


As you can see there’s even a little girl zombie with a teddy! Just like in the very first episode of TWD! I urge you fellow zombie gamers and fans, to get some of these little undead nuggets of zombie delight and make this line a real winner. Why not try a great new scale to enact the zombie apocolypse, I know I am for sure. Of my two planned campaigns this year, these figures will form part of my mass battle meta games in the timeline, while we zoom in slightly to allow 15mm squad level skirmish/salvage/rescue type chapters, then we zoom in again at 28mm for more close up survival type games, almost like dungeoneering, tunnel fighting and interior games. I’ll keep you posted of my progress, plus whatever resources I use/make/find for the whole campaign in any scales used.

If you haven’t checked out Pendraken Miniatures before, go and have a browse at their website and take a look at their excellent ranges of all things 10mm, from historical to fantasy and sci-fi. Pendraken Miniatures 

If your interesed in getting involved in 10mm gaming, you could check out Pendrakens very own forum, its quite busy and is a good place to hang if you love miniatures and are curious about the scale. Pendraken Forum Who knows, I might see you there!!

Now I just got to find a miniature in 10mm that looks like Rick and I’m away…..

Peace out….


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