[Video] ‘Evil Dead’ Red Band Trailer!

Looking at this trailer for the new Evil Dead reboot, we all could be in for a treat!
Tell me what you think?



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2 thoughts on “[Video] ‘Evil Dead’ Red Band Trailer!”

  1. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s easy t forget just how horrifying the original was in the context of its time. The new trailers have gone all out in showing that remake will keep true to that spirit, and so far have managed to avoid a lot of the ‘torture porn’ style tropes that have been de rigueur for shocking horror flicks these days.

    Count me in…


    1. Yeah I must admit, when I had first heard of the news it was going to be remade, I was quite apprehensive as I am a big fan of the original, but having seen the new trailers I am starting to come round to it!
      I don’t think it’ll be of the same caliber as the original, but it should be a good movie none the less. I’ve heard that Bruce is supposed to be making a cameo, but I guess we won’t know until it’s release!!


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