Painting WIP: Two headed Troll Sculpt

So, I'm getting through loads of stuff paintwise, that needs doing, and this has been put off for ages. This is of course, my own two headed troll sculpt thats been waiting for a long time. You'll have to excuse the shadow on many of these pics due to the lack of natural light and… Continue reading Painting WIP: Two headed Troll Sculpt

Draxxon Army: Draxxon Power Armor

I've added another addition to my own draxx army, this time its a repurposed Zoids mini-diorama model done in matching colours to my draxx forces. This model I got for a song off ebay quite a while ago. It's not one of the expensive model kits, nor the old ones from yesteryear, this one is… Continue reading Draxxon Army: Draxxon Power Armor

Marvel fans rejoice!! Spiderman joins the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe!)

Good news for Marvel fans, is that finally Spidey is getting involved in the mighty MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) If you remember the email leaks from the recent Sony hack, it was said that Both Marvel/Disney and Sony were in talks to get together to do a deal on using him in the same movies… Continue reading Marvel fans rejoice!! Spiderman joins the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe!)

Troll Tribe: Old School Grenadier War Troll.

I've been turning my hand back to painting up stuff from my lead pile of late, and thought it was about time to start up another unit. Since this old Fantasy Warriors Troll was already undercoated and pre prepared, I thought I might as well get around to it. My trolls are a mixed bunch,… Continue reading Troll Tribe: Old School Grenadier War Troll.

The Star Wars-Games Workshop Mashup? Is there any truth to the rumour?

If you haven't been living in a cave on Dagobah for the last year or so, you'll know that Disney/Lucasfilm movie machine is now kicked into gear. The Force Awakens (also known as Episode VII) is set for a 15th of December 2015 release at the cinemas. Great news for Star Wars fans, eager to… Continue reading The Star Wars-Games Workshop Mashup? Is there any truth to the rumour?

Draxxon now available from Wargames Supply Dump!

Just quickly to let you know, the Draxxon figures are now available from Wargames Supply Dump if your interested in getting hold of some. Check them out here. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!   Related articles Terrain Workshop: WIP 15mm Industrial Zone Weird 15mm Games I should run: Zombies On The Buses... Grinning… Continue reading Draxxon now available from Wargames Supply Dump!

The Lead Pile. (And the question of how to tackle it!)

Jeezus! I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed when it comes to dealing with my lead mountain. I have started to take stock of just exactly how much stuff I have accumulated and what you can see in the picture is just the tip of the iceberg. This toolbox here is just one of the various stashes of… Continue reading The Lead Pile. (And the question of how to tackle it!)

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Archiminima Structura Kickstarter

It's been ages since I had a look at some KS stuff, so since I happen to be here, quiet and alone, it did give me chance to have a look at whats doing the crowdfunding rounds that would be of interest. This is one that seems to have slipped the net, not too much… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Archiminima Structura Kickstarter

Wargaming Aspirations for 2015 (better late than never…)

It's not often that I have the time or concentration lately to consider my gaming aspirations for the new year ahead. Still, there are shed loads of random ideas knocking around in my skull, that may or may not come to fruition in the next 12 months, one can still dream on. I thought I'd… Continue reading Wargaming Aspirations for 2015 (better late than never…)