Draxxon Army: Draxxon Power Armor

I've added another addition to my own draxx army, this time its a repurposed Zoids mini-diorama model done in matching colours to my draxx forces. This model I got for a song off ebay quite a while ago. It's not one of the expensive model kits, nor the old ones from yesteryear, this one is… Continue reading Draxxon Army: Draxxon Power Armor

Draxxon now available from Wargames Supply Dump!

Just quickly to let you know, the Draxxon figures are now available from Wargames Supply Dump if your interested in getting hold of some. Check them out here. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!   Related articles Terrain Workshop: WIP 15mm Industrial Zone Weird 15mm Games I should run: Zombies On The Buses... Grinning… Continue reading Draxxon now available from Wargames Supply Dump!