The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 3 – Isolation

I'm back briefly to give you the link to the latest episode of The Walking dead. As the crisis continues to escalate at the prison, and Daryl's group find more than they bargain for whilst on the way to get medical supplies.... THE WALKING DEAD S04E03 - Isolation - Watch Online For Free on TubePlus.… Continue reading The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 3 – Isolation

Zomtober: Week #4: Roving TV News crew.

So, I lead you to my last entry in Zomtober, rather than the usual hordes of dead things, I thought I'd make a little change and shake things up a bit by painting up some survivors instead. This lot is from Irregular Miniatures in their 15mm Riot range (of which I have a lot of… Continue reading Zomtober: Week #4: Roving TV News crew.

Grinning Skull at the Movies: horror movie news…..

Ok, so it's nearly that time of year, so I thought I'd enlighten you on some upcoming horror movie news. If you haven't gathered already, I am a big horror nut, ¬†and I do like to keep up with what's coming out, so I don't miss out on some cool films (well, some are cool,… Continue reading Grinning Skull at the Movies: horror movie news…..

THE WALKING DEAD: Season 4, episode 2: Infected

In a strange way, art has been imitating life in my family, indeed most of us are actually infected (plus kids with chicken pox and temperatures), and not only do I have an unspecified knee injury, but I have been struck with a mystery flu, not unlike the gang over on this weeks TWD. If… Continue reading THE WALKING DEAD: Season 4, episode 2: Infected

Zomtober: Week #3. Better late than never….

  Ok, Ok, so I am quite a tad late with this weeks zomtober entry. Real life gets in the way of any hobbyist persuit and while I have had ample chance to get access to my computer, I'm currently dosed with the flu, a damaged knee and aching bones. Never the less, I did… Continue reading Zomtober: Week #3. Better late than never….

THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Episode 1 – 30 Days Without an Accident

Well as you may know, the time for new season of AMC's The Walking Dead. Unfortunately those of us outside the US won't immediately get to see it until later, so for the benefit of you lot who aint seen it yet, visit the link below to get your fix! I'm not going to give… Continue reading THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Episode 1 – 30 Days Without an Accident

Zomtober Week #2: Old Glory 15mm Zombies.

Hello there everyone, well this weeks Zomtober painting entry is a little late by a day, but here they are. Yesterday was pretty busy, so I wasn't able to get anything done or posted, so sorry my bad! These are the first of the pack of old glory 15mm zombies I got a few months… Continue reading Zomtober Week #2: Old Glory 15mm Zombies.