Will the new “IT” Movie, see a new wave of Creepy Clown sightings?

A subject not talked about on here for ages is that of the Clown sightings of the past few years. The worldwide craze started by the Northampton Clown, caused much fear and loathing in the community in the UK and US and started a viral sensation that now is but a distant memory. September sees… Continue reading Will the new “IT” Movie, see a new wave of Creepy Clown sightings?

Classic Horror: Clownhouse. (1989)

http://youtu.be/FsgVV8tdFJs It's been a while since I shared a classic horror movie with you, and I thought I'd make it relevant. Clownhouse. The story follows Casey (Nathan Forrest Winters), a normal boy whose life is constantly influenced by his intense¬†fear of clowns. His two older brothers, Geoffrey (Brian McHugh) and Randy (Sam Rockwell), are mostly… Continue reading Classic Horror: Clownhouse. (1989)

Grinning Skull at the Movies: horror movie news…..

Ok, so it's nearly that time of year, so I thought I'd enlighten you on some upcoming horror movie news. If you haven't gathered already, I am a big horror nut, ¬†and I do like to keep up with what's coming out, so I don't miss out on some cool films (well, some are cool,… Continue reading Grinning Skull at the Movies: horror movie news…..

Grinning Skull at the movies: World War Z

Well, well well, I thought it was time to put up a review about the latest zombie movie everyone's been talking about (mainly for negative reasons...) World War Z. I had seen much about this movie on the net, before even seeing the film there were plenty of rumours and spoilers that I thought were… Continue reading Grinning Skull at the movies: World War Z

Bathsalts zombies: A year on.

http://youtu.be/sTdxH-pJf5Q I'ts been a just over a year since the bathsalts zombie phenomena first came to our attention through the media, when on 26th May 2012 bath salts user Rudy Eugene tried to eat the flesh off homeless Ronald Poppo's face, while high on the synthetic drug. While you might think things are quiet on… Continue reading Bathsalts zombies: A year on.

It’s Official, Britain is a nation of cannibals!

Yes, it's official folks, Great Britain is a nation of human flesheaters! It must be true, it was in the Daily Star! But on a serious note, it does make one wonder, that really how many people around us can actually admit to thinking the same as a few of the questions posed in the… Continue reading It’s Official, Britain is a nation of cannibals!