Weird 15mm Games I should run: Zombies On The Buses…

I have some weird ideas for wargames, and while most can be somewhat surreal at times, there are some that really stick in my head. A lot of these would be ideal games for conventions as they aren't really ideas you'd use in a campaign over the course of a few sessions. These would prove… Continue reading Weird 15mm Games I should run: Zombies On The Buses…

Zomtober: Week #4: Roving TV News crew.

So, I lead you to my last entry in Zomtober, rather than the usual hordes of dead things, I thought I'd make a little change and shake things up a bit by painting up some survivors instead. This lot is from Irregular Miniatures in their 15mm Riot range (of which I have a lot of… Continue reading Zomtober: Week #4: Roving TV News crew.

Zomtober: Week #3. Better late than never….

  Ok, Ok, so I am quite a tad late with this weeks zomtober entry. Real life gets in the way of any hobbyist persuit and while I have had ample chance to get access to my computer, I'm currently dosed with the flu, a damaged knee and aching bones. Never the less, I did… Continue reading Zomtober: Week #3. Better late than never….

Zomtober Week #2: Old Glory 15mm Zombies.

Hello there everyone, well this weeks Zomtober painting entry is a little late by a day, but here they are. Yesterday was pretty busy, so I wasn't able to get anything done or posted, so sorry my bad! These are the first of the pack of old glory 15mm zombies I got a few months… Continue reading Zomtober Week #2: Old Glory 15mm Zombies.

Zomtober Extra: My Horde, my horde, oh lordy lord!

Well, it's not really another Zombtober entry, but I thought I'd show a bit more 15mm zombie related madness, this time I wanted to show you my still growing herd of walkers in the scale. It's made up from all of my finished zombies, small and larger sizes to represent human (or zombie) diversity. I… Continue reading Zomtober Extra: My Horde, my horde, oh lordy lord!

Zomtober 2013: Grinning Skull gets ready to share in Zomtober madness!

So, I'm taking part in the Zomtober festivities (see more details on Zomtober here  and here) In which all participants must paint up at least one survivor or zombie figure per week during the month. Whilst I think most of us taking part will be 28mm zombie gamers, for myself at least in our house, the apocolypse… Continue reading Zomtober 2013: Grinning Skull gets ready to share in Zomtober madness!

Zombie Dawn USE ME 15mm Rules Review

Zombie Dawn Use Me 15mm rules Review Recently, I got hold of the zombie Dawn set of the Use Me rules by Up till then I had been using a homebrew ruleset based on the old Fighting fantasy system, but as we kept playing them I had to keep making up rules on the spot… Continue reading Zombie Dawn USE ME 15mm Rules Review