[Video] ‘Evil Dead’ Red Band Trailer!

Looking at this trailer for the new Evil Dead reboot, we all could be in for a treat! Tell me what you think?     Related articles EVIL DEAD Sneakers Will Haunt You Forever Bruce Campbell Talks EVIL DEAD Remake, Trying to Get an R Rating, the End of BURN NOTICE, His Spinoff, His Collection… Continue reading [Video] ‘Evil Dead’ Red Band Trailer!

5 Upcoming Horror movies you might enjoy….or not!

With the spooky season approaching, I thought I would highlight a number of new or upcoming  horror movies that you may or may not enjoy. As much as I love the genre, there have been a lot of stinkers of late and I have been left with the feeling of dissatisfaction when finally I got… Continue reading 5 Upcoming Horror movies you might enjoy….or not!