Frankenstein’s Army, trailer

Nazi's and zombies tend to go together, so when I heard of this new Dutch movie in the making, I knew that we would all be interested! It's called Frakenstein's army, so not strictly zombies (I may be wrong) but I'm guessing that from what you can see in the trailer, they are more like… Continue reading Frankenstein’s Army, trailer

The Final Countdown, 3 days left to back the Artifact RPG kickstarter…

  Latest update on this project, 3 days left, the total still stands, 23 backers and $837 in the pot. Its not looking great to getting to the magic $5000. Still he could get a limited run done and if he gets a bit more. Anyway, if you haven't checked it out, see if you… Continue reading The Final Countdown, 3 days left to back the Artifact RPG kickstarter…

Calling all creative types…..

CALLING ALL CREATIVE TYPES.... Would you like to guest write for the Grinning Skull? Do you have some cool diorama or terrain to show? Showcase your miniatures? or have a step by step tutorial about making terrain that you'd love to share, its up to you! It is my hope here to continue to offer… Continue reading Calling all creative types…..


To make sure this site gets just the right kind of quality material to you readers, I would ask kindly if you would take a minute to fill in this visitor site poll, just what exactly do you visit for? Is it for the miniatures? or the art, or even the Oggam. feel free to… Continue reading GRINNING SKULL VISITOR POLL!


So finally I can get the background of the Oggam factions down. I regret this hasn't been sooner but sometimes real life gets in the way! This presented here is a shortened version of the faction backgrounds, while the last part of the updated PDF, will go into more detail about them. Here I present… Continue reading OGGAM FACTIONS: THE GLORIOUS GOLDEN EMPIRE OF OG

And now…Star Wars anime,

This video is just stunning. Is this the future of the animated star wars universe, or are we stuck to only more series of the clone wars? As much as I still watch the CGI series, how I long for someone to amp up the whole franchise into the next level. This kind of stuff… Continue reading And now…Star Wars anime,

The Artifact RPG- 5 days left!!

So, five days left to back this project. The tally count is at 23 backers and a total of $837 at this time. Will Emmett reach the target? Keep an eye out for latest developments by visiting the kickstarter page:   TTFN       Related articles 8 days left for the Artifact RPG!!… Continue reading The Artifact RPG- 5 days left!!

Finished Carnivorous Plant photos!

Here is the finished model, I thought I would share the pics to show you how it's turned out. With a few rocks, flock and static grass and moss, I reckon it's a nice piece in the end! The skull were suggested to show that it had eaten previous, at first I was against the… Continue reading Finished Carnivorous Plant photos!

The black Dog Salvage company WIP shots, Stage 2

So, stage two, painted and drybrushed with with a few washes, billboard added and extra light on post. still plenty to do, but on the home stretch. Pics:         Incidentally, the scrap in the scrap yard is made from a broken R/C mini helicopter as well as loads of bits from electronic stuff broken up,… Continue reading The black Dog Salvage company WIP shots, Stage 2