The Grinning Skull back online, Rejoyce my Brethren!!

Well, by sheer luck and karma, the original Site: The Grinning Skull ( is back up after some disputes and skulduggery. After all the messing around creating an archive (which your reading right now) it's finally resolved and we are back. Although I'll be keeping both sites going, posting to both with the same content… Continue reading The Grinning Skull back online, Rejoyce my Brethren!!

The Telly Rant: Too Much or Not enough?

Watching & catching up with your fave shows these days is a lot easier in this day and age, what with the event of the smart TV and internet, but I'm also finding it a pain too. I don't know if you agree with me or not, but with just the sheer amount of good… Continue reading The Telly Rant: Too Much or Not enough?

The Grinning Skull blog clocks up 200,000+ hits!

Well, according to my stats on wordpress, The Grinning Skull has clocked up an amazing 200,000+ hits! (currently standing at a very respectable 200,097!) Not bad considering it's been running for just over a year, I'd just like to thank everybody who's been reading my stuff since we began, and everyone who's contributed and inspired,… Continue reading The Grinning Skull blog clocks up 200,000+ hits!, the new home of The Grinning Skull!

I just wanted to tell you, that this mighty blog can now be found at, our new domain on the interwebs! Yes, I suppose its been a long time coming, but I got there eventually, to be honest its taken a while to get the re directioning right, despite many useless emails to the… Continue reading, the new home of The Grinning Skull!

Calling all creative types…..

CALLING ALL CREATIVE TYPES.... Would you like to guest write for the Grinning Skull? Do you have some cool diorama or terrain to show? Showcase your miniatures? or have a step by step tutorial about making terrain that you'd love to share, its up to you! It is my hope here to continue to offer… Continue reading Calling all creative types…..