It’s time to open the Book of the Draxxion!

A while ago a few of us were working on a campaign system and universe for 15mm gamers to inhabit and allow cross overs from the different scifi 15mm manufacturers miniatures with other games and rulesets, and so forth. The project stalled, probably due to the amount of work it would have taken over time… Continue reading It’s time to open the Book of the Draxxion!

Oggam Faction Backgrounds: Empire of Og: Imperial Catering Corps.

Since its a new month, I present to you a new instalment of official oggam fluff background, this time about the division within the Og empire dedicated to keeping the troops happy, the imperial catering corps. The Great and Glorious Empire of Og: The Imperial catering corps  To the Oggam soldiers who reside in the Og… Continue reading Oggam Faction Backgrounds: Empire of Og: Imperial Catering Corps.

Oggam Factions: The League of Anthracks

This is the next part of the Oggam fighting factions for the development of the 15mm Oggam war pig miniature range. This time we examine the most feared and sinister Oggam faction. The League of Anthracks.... THE OGGAM FACTIONS: THE LEAGUE OF ANTHRACKS Anthracks was the first kin that slaughtered Monroe. His story is one… Continue reading Oggam Factions: The League of Anthracks


So finally I can get the background of the Oggam factions down. I regret this hasn't been sooner but sometimes real life gets in the way! This presented here is a shortened version of the faction backgrounds, while the last part of the updated PDF, will go into more detail about them. Here I present… Continue reading OGGAM FACTIONS: THE GLORIOUS GOLDEN EMPIRE OF OG

Oggam Factions background info.

Having left the Oggam PDF in parts, I still have more work to do to finish. But this struck me, I'm alright saying details about future troop types in the oggam range, but nobody really knows the factions at all. So yes, over the next few days I'm going to put some basic fluff info… Continue reading Oggam Factions background info.