Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode 7 coming in 2015 | Den of Geek

Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode 7 coming in 2015 | Den of Geekalt. OMG! jeezuz I can' t believe it, Lucas has sold Lucasfilm and its other companies to the big bad Disney corp! It's reported that a massive 4 Billion and odd dollar deal has been done to secure his "retirement" fund! I… Continue reading Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode 7 coming in 2015 | Den of Geek

You know me, zombie mad I am, here’s a great article with more on the bath salts zombies and a bit of cannabalism added, reblogged from Storiesbywilliams, happy halloween!!



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Stories by Williams

zombiesI hear it more and more these days: “Is this the Zombie Apocalypse we were warned about?” Or is this just one of those rare occasions when pop culture and real news come together to create a sick, existential joke? In either case, I think we all know what I’m talking about. A little incident involving a naked man and some face eating? Yes, that one!

In that case, police indicated that drugs were involved, a strange new psychogenic named “Cloud Nine”. This drug is apparently a form of MDPV cocaine, also known by the street name “Bath Salts”. The “zombie man” Rudy Eugene was apparently loaded on the euphoric amphetamine when he attacked Ronald Poppo, bit half his face off, and then threatened to eat the police.

According to numerous stories on the subject, this product is a perfectly legal form of bath salt that is meant to provide an…

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New League of Anthracks 15mm Oggam Greens, plus engineer and trooper

So, since my kids broke the mobile internet dongle yesterday, I used my time wisely to get some more Oggam made up. this time I made a couple of league Of Anthracks troops as well, to see how they go. I really like them, so far, there will be a full set of them done… Continue reading New League of Anthracks 15mm Oggam Greens, plus engineer and trooper

The BBC and real horror.

Ok, since the halloween season is almost upon us, I was going to post about some unspeakable horror, movies or myth, but what I am going to talk about isn't some other worldly creature, zombie nightmare or ghost story. Its all too real. Here in the UK, at the moment has a problem that has… Continue reading The BBC and real horror.

Derren Brown’s End of the world Headf**k!

So, which of you had the chance to see Derren Brown's latest hypnotic headfuck "apocolypse"? I must say, I'm not really keen on the man himself, but I found this really entertaining, and I found myself laughing at it a lot! Why did I laugh? Well, for one, the amount of set up that was… Continue reading Derren Brown’s End of the world Headf**k!

15mm scratch built junk shuttle craft WIP

So I'm back to doing my 15mm salvage crew HQ. So far I have done my main admin block/junkyard, and I had another piece part done that goes on the front of it, a section on road with odds and sods on it. However, a good examination of the model revealed it was bland. Hardly… Continue reading 15mm scratch built junk shuttle craft WIP

More 15mm Oggam, medic,trooper, Heavy weapons & Ogborg

Hello everyone, I thought I'd let you see how the sculpting is coming on with the Oggam range. There's 11 light infantry done now, maybe a few more generic troopers before the first line is done. I was originally only going to do 8, but what the hell, at least there will be a big… Continue reading More 15mm Oggam, medic,trooper, Heavy weapons & Ogborg

HOW TO MAKE A ZOMBIE | ellisnelson

HOW TO MAKE A ZOMBIE | ellisnelson. Reblogged from over on http://www.ellisnelson.wordpress.com     Related articles Real Zombies The Ultimate Zombie Preparation Guide East Coast Readies for 'Frankenstorm' Monster - ABC News Newton As Alchemist ENERGY MEDICINE: The Reiki Experiments

New Mugal Concept art for Oggam forces!

Hello there, I have been kept busy with quite a few different commissions and other life stuff, so this is my first post in what seems like ages (Well 3 days or so!) I want to show you a taste of some Oggam stuff that's still in the works, first up is this concept design… Continue reading New Mugal Concept art for Oggam forces!

My Liebster award Nominations…..

So I have finally given some thought to nominations for the Liebster blog award, I would therefore like to name the following sites and the reasons why I'm nominating them!! Please, if you have been nominated, please provide us a link back, along with this image found at this Url: blog award banner (just pop… Continue reading My Liebster award Nominations…..