Grinning Skull’s $10 Advertising Offer!!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling great today and life is treating you well. I'm here to let you know about our new hobby advertising initiative here at Grinning Skull Studios, that is for any advertiser in the RPG/Wargaming/gaming field. We are happy to offer a full page colour advertisment in our PDF… Continue reading Grinning Skull’s $10 Advertising Offer!!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tabletop Towns – Cargo Containers Kickstarter

¬† There's so much cool stuff for 28mm wargaming these days, it almost makes me want to start the switch back over. The choice and availability for the scale seems to far outstrip the rest that for most, it's classed as god's own scale! Regulars to the site will recognise this latest KS from the… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tabletop Towns – Cargo Containers Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wargames Bakery Base Stamp Pads Kickstarter

Kickstarter has the effect sometimes to make me really peeved that I don't have a wedge of cash available to get some really cool bits and pieces from time to time, and this one is no exception. Wargames Bakery's entry to the kickstarter arena, is actually pretty good, a series of base stampers that could… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wargames Bakery Base Stamp Pads Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mythical Lairs Kickstarter

It seems that modular terrain is the soup of the day at the moment,and that everyone's at having a go at making sets for us to spend their money on. The only problem I can foresee like I mentioned before, was that you need to sell some internal organs on the black market to be… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mythical Lairs Kickstarter

Almost better, Normal service to be resumed!!

Well, what can I say. The title says it all, and that being that normal ¬†service will be resumed shortly! What's been happening? Well, bar illness and sods law intervention, that in itself has been enough to set me back several weeks of various work all over, and indeed lots of great wargaming stuff have… Continue reading Almost better, Normal service to be resumed!!

15mm scratch built junk shuttle craft WIP

So I'm back to doing my 15mm salvage crew HQ. So far I have done my main admin block/junkyard, and I had another piece part done that goes on the front of it, a section on road with odds and sods on it. However, a good examination of the model revealed it was bland. Hardly… Continue reading 15mm scratch built junk shuttle craft WIP


18 hours left, and the total stands at $1,062, can he get to the $5,000 target? Even though yesterday I spoke to Emmett, he admits he probably won't do it, and will have to seek another way to fund this project. it would be a shame, raising that much shouldn't be classed as a fail,… Continue reading LAST DAY TO BACK THE ARTIFACT RPG KICKSTARTER!!