Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wargames Bakery Base Stamp Pads Kickstarter

Kickstarter has the effect sometimes to make me really peeved that I don't have a wedge of cash available to get some really cool bits and pieces from time to time, and this one is no exception. Wargames Bakery's entry to the kickstarter arena, is actually pretty good, a series of base stampers that could… Continue reading Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wargames Bakery Base Stamp Pads Kickstarter

28mm/15mm Alien Man eating plant WIP

I was sorting through some old fishtank bits and junk from my shed a week or two ago, I was going to chuck a load of stuff, but just in case there was anything useful that I'd forgot about, I checked throught it all the same. Amongst the grotty unused bits there were some cracking… Continue reading 28mm/15mm Alien Man eating plant WIP