Loud Ninja Games Kickstarter: Fully Funded!

Less than six hours ago,  Loud ninja games launched their kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the range of space raptor Chuhuac figures in 15mm. I’m pleased to announce that the project already has been fully funded as I had predicted!

I would like to wish Eli congratulations on this achievement at getting the full cash in this record amount of time! Hopefully this is a good indicator of how successful a 15mm miniature campaign can get on the funding platform, and wish that when I relaunch the Oggam on there in a few months, it too can get the funding it needs to launch the range!

The question is now how high the total will reach? At 24 backers and a grand total of $940 the next tier of the stretch goals is $1,500 so all those who have backed at the $50 level will receive the Special operations stretch goal goodies (An extra 6 specialist troopers on top of the ones they have secured already) I must  say, I am very impressed with the sudden flurry of action in getting there as quick as it has, and the TMP community certainly has been a real help in getting him there!

We will make sure we keep you updated on this great project and post more info as it develops!

If you aint seen the project yet, go to:



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