LOUD NINJA GAMES: 15mm SPACE RAPTOR Miniatures Kickstarter now Live!

Eli Arndt at Loud ninja games has just gone live with his kickstarter campaign to bring the Chuhuac Space raptors into production in 15mm mini form! These are going to be great little figures and I encourage anyone who is an avid 15mm sci-fi gamer or collector to get on board while the project is live, and get their hands on some great minis!

I feel its important to help support indie developers and designers in this industry, and I would like to wish Eli the best of luck with this project which I know has been in the works for some time, and myself will be backing him to get some for myself! As for the 28mm gamers out there, if you help him get to his $5000 stretch goal, he will be producing some in that scale too. There are lots of great stretch goals and perks if you want that little bit more, so get your hand in your pockets and fund this project!!

Make no mistake my friends, I have a good feeling that Eli is going to reach his goal of $800 very quickly, as we speak right now, he is already at a quarter of that total! Already with 5 backers I’m pretty sure its going to be a case of just how high the total is going to be, and not if he gets funded!! Here at the Grinning Skull will be following the progress closely and keep you all informed at how its all going and any extra news we find out. We have been given permission to blog this around and get him some exposure, so If you own a blog or website, facebook or twitter, in fact anything that would help him put the word around.

You can check the project out at : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/485545784/loud-ninja-games-space-raptors and check out his blog for updates on progress of the campaign: http://loudninjagames.blogspot.com/


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