Pigs Vs Long Pigs

Loads and loads of bloody pigs…oink!

Whilst looking up about pig behavior for research on the oggam, there recently has been the incident of a 69 year old US farmer by his pigs. the full story here: Pig eats Farmer Now being the inquisitive type, I started to wonder just how often this kind of thing happens, and it seems more often than you think! Since Hannibal Lector fed Gary Oldman to the pigs, it’s the first time I’d heard about it, but search about and there’s more….

A three month old baby part eaten by pig (Don’t worry the kid survived)

Death farm, murdering Pig farmer fed victims to pigs (as well as chipping them, freezing bits in the freezer)

Here are some details of what a real pest and a danger pigs can be, that is if you still disbelieve that they can do no harm…

Wild pigs on loose in NY (boar killed pets, chased people…)

More pig attacks and tomfoolery here (from the US to Japan..pigs are everywhere!)

nurse attacked by pig (In Hampshire UK)

13 year old boy attacked in wales (at a holiday park!)

Ohio woman attacked by pig (she was badly bitten in the attack)

Indian woman suffers broken leg in attack (I told you it’s a world wide problem)

There seems to be only one solution. We must eat them before they eat us! No, but seriously, the problem seems to be growing, with our ever growing colonies of wild pigs all over the world. There’s a whole load of bacon sandwiches to be had, me thinks!

Please let me know if find any more stories of Pig Vs Human-Pig wins! or if you can find out how many attacks are carried out by porkers each year, statistics would be interesting to know, leave us a comment, or send me an email and we can all share!

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