10mm Zombies now available from Pendraken!

Finally it's time to start zombie wargaming in a new scale, yes Pendraken have released the new scifi revamps, which includes the much anticipated zombies and survivors! Now I just need to start thinking about making some appropriate scenery in 10mm and getting some of these bad boys! If you don't wargame the apocolypse, then… Continue reading 10mm Zombies now available from Pendraken!

Government plans Esoteric content ban on the net for UK users!

I just wanted to share this info graphic with you, the Uk Government are at it again with even more censorship planned, not only do they want to see us spoon fed exactly what info they feel is right, but they want to dictate your religious freedom. Take a read and make your own mind… Continue reading Government plans Esoteric content ban on the net for UK users!

Miniature Bids launched! Free auction site for wargames miniatures and games

Just wanted to let you know about the new free to use wargames/miniatures auction site, brought to you by the guys at Tor gaming. If your not one for ebay and its costs and faff, you'll be pleased to know that Miniature bids is free from all that and should net you a bit more… Continue reading Miniature Bids launched! Free auction site for wargames miniatures and games

Ooooow, you cheeky Starblazer you!

I recently managed to get hold of a bundle of vintage "Starblazer" comics to help inspire me with a bit of retro sci-fi for my projects. I did bag them at a pretty good price, considering that I see them about individually for up to £3 a piece, 15 for just over a fiver is… Continue reading Ooooow, you cheeky Starblazer you!

Keeping the streets safe, from the skies….

So, while enjoying a bit of family time in my garden this last week (when the weather was nice) we clocked a low view of SYPD's (South Yorkshire Police Dept etc) very own eye in the sky, no doubt looking for some local scrotes and villains we have in our area. It was pretty low… Continue reading Keeping the streets safe, from the skies….

Quick, Here come the running dead…!

I have done plenty of zombie related stuff in my time, from zombie themed LARP and airsoft events, and even some promo TV for a pub chain back in the day, but as we all know the undead are very "in" at the present. With every passing week there seems to be another madcap zombie… Continue reading Quick, Here come the running dead…!


Another great 15mm sci-fi kickstarter is live at the moment , this time it's the turn of Armies Army and their Greater Britannia commonwealth forces. It seems like a great near future faction for anyone who might need a sci-fi force in their 15mm wargames. This time I will be getting involved (I missed out… Continue reading ARMIES ARMY 15mm BRITANNIA KICKSTARTER LIVE!

5th November, Bonfire Night, with no V for Vendetta Bull$#*t

I have read a lot of stuff in the last few days concerning Bonfire night, and it seems like most of it is written from the perspective of people who know jack shit about it. I heard it referred to as English thanksgiving, which is just shit (Come on, think of a better one please… Continue reading 5th November, Bonfire Night, with no V for Vendetta Bull$#*t