The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 11; Claimed.

While I get a brief break in my busy schedule, here I am with this weeks dose of zombie survival fun, The Walking Dead. I'll not tell you anything if you haven't seen it already, there will be no spoilers from me about this weeks instalment. I'll try and get online to get my posts… Continue reading The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 11; Claimed.

Dredd Movie sequel campaign launched online!

Hello there Folks! Yes I'm back after internet connection issues which are kind of sorted...but anyway, I want to draw your attention to this bit of news. If you are one of those movie goers that enjoyed the last cinematic outing of Judge Dredd (The Urban one, not Stallone) and were a bit miffed that… Continue reading Dredd Movie sequel campaign launched online!

Ooooow, you cheeky Starblazer you!

I recently managed to get hold of a bundle of vintage "Starblazer" comics to help inspire me with a bit of retro sci-fi for my projects. I did bag them at a pretty good price, considering that I see them about individually for up to £3 a piece, 15 for just over a fiver is… Continue reading Ooooow, you cheeky Starblazer you!

Get ready for Free Comic Book Day: May 4th 2013

If your a fan of comics, you might want to know that Free comic book day is on the 4th May 2013. It's a regular drive to promote reading for kids to encourage them to read more. Comics are a great medium, and are a bit less daunting than a full book that maybe could… Continue reading Get ready for Free Comic Book Day: May 4th 2013

World Book Night 2013 Giveaway: The Dark Judges

So, as ever I have been involved in this years World Book night (April 23rd) and my choice this year as a giver, is a collected 2000AD book about the evil deadworld Judges, Death, Fire, Fear and Mortis. This classic collection is what I remember as a kid, eagerly getting my copy of 2000AD every… Continue reading World Book Night 2013 Giveaway: The Dark Judges

Grinning Skull at the Movies: Dredd

I don't get as much time as I would like to watch movies, and this one is one I've been wanting to see for ages, given that it's comic book heritage is straight out of the pages of 2000AD. Yes, I finally got to see the latest movie based on the iconic, Judge Dredd!! Right… Continue reading Grinning Skull at the Movies: Dredd

Grinning Skull Miniatures: Sneaky peek at the coming range….

I thought I'd let you have a look at some more of the coming releases from my Grinning Skull range from I also thought the added comic book styling was needed for that extra bit of cartoon dynamism! For those who are interested in getting your own figures from the range, the first releases… Continue reading Grinning Skull Miniatures: Sneaky peek at the coming range….

Rogue Trooper Miniatures Game Kickstarter is now live!

Just to let you know, the Rogue Trooper miniatures game KS has just launched over there, and is fully funded already! I think we all knew that it would quickly, as I suspect will any future 2000AD related miniature games launched from them! Get yourselves over there and back it!! 2000AD: Rogue Trooper Miniatures Game… Continue reading Rogue Trooper Miniatures Game Kickstarter is now live!

The Shop on the Corner Kickstarter

The Shop on the Corner by Anika Kohli — Kickstarter. I really have to give this project a mention. some of you who read this blog might recognise this above pic of a place in Doncaster, and that's exactly what I noticed as I was browsing through Kickstarter yesterday. I can tell you that if… Continue reading The Shop on the Corner Kickstarter

Quackers over Cthulhu, Disney style….

Quite accidentally I came across something funny, the web is a strange,but informative place. It so happens that Cthulhu has an alternate version of himself, albeit in Walt Disney style, and a duck. The result is an entity called "Duckthulhu" If any of you are old enough to remember the cartoon "Darkwing Duck", a spin… Continue reading Quackers over Cthulhu, Disney style….