The Shop on the Corner Kickstarter

Blanchards Mucky books!

The Shop on the Corner by Anika Kohli — Kickstarter.

I really have to give this project a mention. some of you who read this blog might recognise this above pic of a place in Doncaster, and that’s exactly what I noticed as I was browsing through Kickstarter yesterday.

I can tell you that if you do know it, it’s no other than Doncaster’s own Blanchards Mucky book shop! Although I think the name has been changed to protect the innocent, there’s no mistaking it! Although it wasn’t always an adult book exchange/shop, in the days of my youth it had been a great place to go on an afternoon and spend a bit of time searching for old marvel, DC and horror comics, pulp sci-fi books and mags. You might be asking how I know it so well? Well, as it happens I used to live but five doors away with my family and it was a place straight out of my childhood, and where my love of horror comics and scifi began.

Back to the KS, by the looks the whole project is to make a comedy show based on the experiences of the family owners. So it might be the 21st century’s own version of BBC’s classic “Open all hours” starring Ronnie Barker and David Jason. (Incidentally filmed around the corner from my sisters house, also in Doncaster too!) The only difference between them being the porno mags!

Honestly, it does sound like a good premise for a sit com, and it’s one I shall be hoping will achieve funding, it is a shame that I didn’t discover this sooner as I would have even chipped a few quid in (Skint now!) to help get it funded.

There still is time to help get it done, they’re only asking to raise £300 so please go along and help them if you can, £300 isn’t a great deal of cash to raise, but there’s only a few days left so, you’ll have to be quick. I know there must be a few of my mates from Donny here reading my blog, so seeing as it’s a Doncaster project, stick your hands in your pocket and be a backer if you can!

Please go and check it out and hopefully they’ll get this comedy to a screen near you!!

Peace out my friends….

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