Zombie warning: Bath Salts will make you eat someones face!

There is a disturbing street drug, those readers in the US will already know about "bath salts", but for those who live in other countries that haven't heard about this deadly designer drug, here's a bit of info. http://rt.com/usa/news/drug-bath-salt-zombie-321/ Basically the drug makes you trip out, hallucinate apparently want to eat someone, like this Miami… Continue reading Zombie warning: Bath Salts will make you eat someones face!

Alien invasion 15mm Newspapers free download

Ok, I have the last in my series of 15mm newspaper debris PDFs, this one is for the alien invasion scenario or any you choose. The Weekly world news was my main source (Great paper),so just go and get yourself a copy from the downloads section, as well as any of the others on there… Continue reading Alien invasion 15mm Newspapers free download

15mm newspapers PDF available from downloads section

Just to let you know, the 15mm newspapers are now up on site for free download, enjoy, and if you use them, please let me know or send us a pic of them in use so we can post it here! Enjoy!   Related articles 15mm magazines and comics PDF free for download 15mm Zombies… Continue reading 15mm newspapers PDF available from downloads section