Zombie warning: Bath Salts will make you eat someones face!

There is a disturbing street drug, those readers in the US will already know about “bath salts“, but for those who live in other countries that haven’t heard about this deadly designer drug, here’s a bit of info.


Basically the drug makes you trip out, hallucinate apparently want to eat someone, like this Miami attack, where the man on the bottom left, Rudy Eugene, supposedly on bath salts at the time was reported naked, attacking a man besides a motorway. When challenged by cops, he continued to keep munching on the victims face, an old homeless man, Ronald Poppo.

Here’s the news report from the scene:

Police officers then fired on him, subsequently ending up pumping quite a few shots into him before he finally stopped and died. So the birth of the age of the bath salts zombie cannabal face eaters has begun. There have been several more incidents across the states, but this must be one of the most bizarre things someone could do whilst high on drugs. Or is it something else. This story in the news reports that Eugene had only marijuana in his system on the toxicology report at his post mortem. Since when has a stoner got the munchies, so badly he wanted to cannabalise another. No one gets that high.


Poppo, luckily survived, but as you can see, the after effects of the attack have left him forever scarred. Before and after.

As for the controversy about the drug, there has got to be something really wrong. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen, there are several other stories like this linked with bath salts, this New York woman tried to eat her dog and attack her 3 year old, before she died.


Are we actually on the brink of a zombie apocolypse?, maybe this is all a rouse to cover up a real hidden truth behind the reason for these gruesome attacks? The media would seem to think so. What do you think?




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