Ramshackle Games New post apoc 20mm bikers

I admit a liking for 20mm stuff, especially the idea of post apocolypse stuff. I could get well into the scale and genre big time, even so it could be tricky, given the limited options available. After spotting this over on frothers, I had to show you lot. Which is why this new release from… Continue reading Ramshackle Games New post apoc 20mm bikers

Sheffield Triples 2013 is almost upon us…

A big shout out to the Sheffield Wargames society and their annual wargaming extravaganza that is "Triples"! Yes, it's almost time again for the north of England's premier war games show on thiscoming Saturday and Sunday. I'll be there to have a good look around, and work in the capacity of photographer and journalist for… Continue reading Sheffield Triples 2013 is almost upon us…

WYRMWOOD: Indiegogo update

WYRMWOOD: An Aussie Zombie Film | Indiegogo. So, as I'm doing recaps on the various KS and Indiegogo campaigns we have been observing, I knew this one would be a success. Wyrmwood is a post apoc zombie movie in the same vein as Mad Max and being Australian, it shares its fine pedigree. With 32… Continue reading WYRMWOOD: Indiegogo update

The Grinning Skull, End of year crowd funding round up

Hello all, hope your enjoying the holiday season and santa brought you something nice!! Ok I thought I'd give you a heads up on some of the stuff we have been following on the Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowd funding sites, as well as a couple to look out for too. Lets start with a new… Continue reading The Grinning Skull, End of year crowd funding round up