Grinning Skull presents, The Night of the Living Dead Collection. (Exclusive Payhip Store Releases)

So, since you all now know about the new Grinning Skull Payhip store , I want to let you know about the Night of the Living Dead Digital Collection, available exclusively from there. This new range is based upon the Original 1968 horror classic from maestro, George A Romero.

New Release: Hammergate Poster Map

New release time again, Get the latest with the Hammergate poster map. This map booklet contains further exploration of the town of Hammergate from the newly released "The Witch's Daughter" GSAM01 module (Which can be found here¬† Contained within, is a printable B&W poster map (57x79.9cm, 9x9 A4 sheets)of the town for you to use… Continue reading New Release: Hammergate Poster Map