The Grinning Skull turns 3!!

I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know that this blog celebrated it's third birthday yesterday! I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has read my articles and visited my humble site over the years, also put up with my moaning, divergences and general nonsense! We've clocked up over 321,000… Continue reading The Grinning Skull turns 3!!

Birthday’s aint what they used to be….

Just checking my stats, it has been reveled to me that here on the Grinning Skull Blog has reached the ripe old age of two years. That in itself to me should be a sign of celebration, but presently I don't have the will to woop and cheer at this news. Some of those… Continue reading Birthday’s aint what they used to be….

Happy Birthday Grinning Skull! A year old Today!!

Well, its been a year since I launched this site, so officially its our birthday here at the Grinning Skull, and the oggam too!! It's been an interesting time, I've learnt plenty of new skills in this past year, and I've had a blast with the blog (Which has learnt me to focus and concentrate… Continue reading Happy Birthday Grinning Skull! A year old Today!!