Crowdfunding Spotlight: Star Hat Miniatures: Heroic Scale Metal Figures Kickstarter

Well, how could I not feature this KS, given that the tagline for these minis is “Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom!” it’s pretty much right up my alley! Star Hat miniatures are a company I haven’t come across before, but they have my attention now!

As you will gather, these are a set of generic adventurer types typical for dungeon exploration as per the usual RPG/wargaming fantasy fare. There is an old skool feeling to these, very similar to some ancient citadel sculpts and a few other older UK miniature firms work, which is a good thing, although some purists might disagree.

I like them, that’s for sure, and there are more than enough options for classes that’d fit many an RPG group needing some miniatures to fit their party for some dungeon bashing tomfoolery!

I feel that the only criticism I can aim at Star Hat Miniatures, is that the “Dungeons of Doom” moniker is used, and i should be at least getting a free set of them to pay for the favorable review and the royalty bonus for using that in the set title! But joking aside, they look fine to me and (hint, hint!) If you ever want me to review a set in person on here, please do!!!

No doubt this KS will be fully funded, as it’s already almost there, but do your bit and check them out if old skool D&D type figures is your thing. Check out the link to visit the project KS page for more info:

1 thought on “Crowdfunding Spotlight: Star Hat Miniatures: Heroic Scale Metal Figures Kickstarter”

  1. Hey Will! Thank you for the favorable mention, despite a lack of miniatures to pour over! I feel I should introduce myself? Perhaps over a beer or some other cool beverage? I’m Darcy Perry and this is my first Kickstarter (and yes, it funded). Currently I am fulfilling the pledges for backers the world over. Star Hat Miniatures was born out of a very recent move from painting miniatures to sculpting them. I have been painting them for over 30 years. I have been sculpting miniatures since May.

    The title: Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom! wasn’t in reference to your dungeons, although I would love to explore them now I have found them!

    I came to roleplaying games through Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, followed soon after by Dungeons & Dragons, in the early 80’s. Dungeons of Doom is a link between these two early influences. I have enjoyed all manner of RPG and tabletop games (it’s like an addiction, ain’t it?) and I love the old school creativity that is evident in games before they become homogenised by commercial success.

    Your Grinning Skull Miniatures look awesome! I look forward to hearing from you.




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