CLOWN NEWS: Copycat Clowns on the increase, Chesterfield, Mansfield, and Doncaster bag their own clowns!

You might have thought that since the Northampton clown had been unmasked (Student filmmaker Alex Powell was revealed as the infamous clown and has since admitted it was him behind the stunt) that clown mania would have peatered out, but no, it has not the case. Following on from the Carrick fergus clown, it looks as if other pretenders have stepped for ward in Chesterfield and Mansfield.

To make matters worse, it finally has come full circle to me here in Doncaster, as I was informed that a creepy fellow is being hunted by the police just around the corner from me in Highfields, and someone dressed as a clown has been spotted tapping on windows trying to lure children from their houses! I daren’t tell my kids that there actually is an evil pennywise type just streets away, attempting to abduct kids, they would be petrified! Details are sketchy at this time, but as soon as I find more info, I’ll put an update up here. There’s even talk of there being not just one, but a couple of them, and that they are armed with knives! Although much of this could well be heresay, more info will no doubt come to light.

Now I fully expect that lots of other towns are going to aquire their very own demonic clown to terrorise the neighbourhoods where you live. I think that just the fact that us in the UK have this eccentric vibe for the strange and unhinged, this is going to spread. Where next and just how far will some of these nutters go. I for one will be keeping my happy stick (see wulf sternhammer from 2000AD) nearby just in case the Highfields clown tries to look through my windows!

If anyone in these areas knows any additional news about these wierdos, feel free to get in touch and let me know.

More clown news as and when.

Who is the Mansfield clown roaming streets at night? | Nottingham Post.

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70 thoughts on “CLOWN NEWS: Copycat Clowns on the increase, Chesterfield, Mansfield, and Doncaster bag their own clowns!”

    1. Thanks Andy, did you get a good enough look at him/it to give a description or did anyone get a pic?

      It seems this Clown is quite mobile, considering so far I’ve had rumours of him being in Highfields, skellow, Woodlands, Bentley, and now Belle Vue!. Is it just one, or are we looking at the possibility of more than one….!!

      If anyone else has news on this strange mystery, let me know!


    2. This isn’t “eccentric” or “Strange”. This is just someone being a prick. If this jerkoff came up to my kids’ window with a knife and a clown costume on, you bet your ass I’d be out the backdoor with a rifle.

      Or, in the UK, I guess I’d have a taser and a baseball bat. Like, really, you think you’re doing something cool, guy–trying to intimidate and scare children? Screw this guy.


      1. In the UK, its illegal to use a taser, so were left with the baseball bat or happystick unfortunately! Agreed, as as parent, its not good to be frightening kids in this way.


    1. Thanks Amelia, Wow thats another one to add to the list, I’m putting together a map with the sightings of the various clown sightings, so thanks for letting me know!

      Please keep your clown sightings coming in, any pics, video or info are appreciated. Lets get this mystery solved!!


  1. I saw a guy dressed like this queuing up in the Asda near Doncaster Dome yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, looks quite friendly though!


      1. One spotted on shaftsbury rd intake one in Cantley and one in bably my kids are scared this is not right there are already enough weirdos out there this is taking it too far 😦 there is a photo on my daughters friends fb but I don’t know how to upload it also there is a Page called rainworths clown page


      2. Thanks for your comment, I agree this is getting ridiculous, but strangely interesting, i just can’t get my head around why it’s going crazy with clowns!


    1. I agree its pretty bad form just doing it to freak folks out, but most of the info is just rumours at the moment, so I’m going to take it all with a pinch of salt at the moment!


    1. I totally agree, it is silly, but I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this weird trend. I’m amazed that its so prolific here in Doncaster. My kids are a bit on edge, but these are the rumours flying around at the moment, just take a look at our other comments on this thread, its happening all over, my eldest two are even going on about it at school from their friends. Why its happening is anyones guess!


  2. Clown in Thorne South Common last night knocked on my door but got a shock when I just laughed at him and told him what he really was (not appropriate to say in here )


    1. Thanks for your comment Gary, Its good to get a confirmed sighting, could I ask if they were wearing either a mask or was it make up? One of the rumours mentioned the clown they saw was made up, rather than a mask.


  3. I too live in Doncaster, and have recently heard of a clown lurking near my school, and one in my village (Rossington) Apparently, there are 13 ‘clowns’ in Doncaster currently, each one taking a different suburb. I dont know if this is true, but this is what I heard:/


  4. Give the clown a break! Knives, looking through windows, abducting children? Like you say, hearsay! They probably just want to be clowns, nothing wrong with that. Try going to a clowning workshop then you might understand.


    1. Thanks for your comment Colin, yes it was news to me, but since Sunday there have been all sorts of weird clown rumours going round about lots of sightings all over Doncaster, one was of the clown skipping over the main road over to the allotments at highfields! Is it true, I don’t know, but it does seem that something weird is going on!


  5. I don’t think it’s just Doncaster. Talk of clowns peering through windows and discussions stemming from this have been all over my Facebook newsfeed all evening by people from Skegness, Lincolnshire.


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