Hey GW, Why no 15mm Warhammer 40K?

Rogue Trader - the first edition of Warhammer ...
Rogue Trader – the first edition of Warhammer 40,000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I have a bit of quiet relaxing time to myself tonight, chilling on my hols, I have been musing again over various stuff.

This one has been bugging me for ages. No doubt it’s a bane of contention for other 15mm wargamers the world over.

Why hasn’t GW jumped on this bandwagon, since 15mm scifi is a hot property at the moment (probably due to the economy forcing players to downsize their lead addiction from 32/30/28mm to 15mm) GW have an opportunity to get those disillusioned ex-40K players back in the fold, but alas for those 15mm-ers who crave to play 40K in the smaller scale, there are scant little decent proxy models for the various sides and races of the 40k fluff, unless your willing to faff about with dozens of miniature firms to get odds and sods. Sure you can even play old faves like Necromunda in 15mm pretty easily, just a shame they dropped it years ago!

Yes it’s true that indeed there are lots of us who’d jump at the chance of this, and many out there are busy scratch building and converting away to create their own versions of space marines or orcs etc, but if they are anything like me, I know they’d sell their first born for some decent official 15mm miniatures!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the fact that if Games Workshop actually get around to doing this, It will cost me a bloody fortune, maybe not as much as a 28/30mm force (Well, if GW have anything to do with it, it’ll be more than everyone elses stuff!) Speaking as a long time 40k player, I have been into the game for years and years, since the first edition (which is the best in my humble opinion) but since the Evil Empire emerged and crushed the soul from it, I have been crying inside…..

Still, would it be a good thing if they did a 15mm 40k? It’s bound the drive the price of 15mm figures up, which is pretty bad for us since most of us switched to 15mm to escape the over inflation of figure prices.

Personally, I’d like to throw this question out there to you people, and ask your thoughts on this.

What’s your opinions on this whole thing?

Let me know….

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10 thoughts on “Hey GW, Why no 15mm Warhammer 40K?”

  1. It would be nice, can’t see it happening they dropped epic from a great height and 6mm would of been far better with all the war engines and tanks it would be fantastic


    1. Thanks for your comment bummie, aye it’s true about what they did with epic, which was one of my faves (although a lot of the old metal chaos stuff was really about the right size for 15mm!) I honestly don’t know if they’d ever go for 15mm, but I can hope can’t I!!


  2. Going to have to disagree with you there. If you want individually based 40K minis, you’ve got 40K. If you want fire-team-based figures, you’ve got Epic. For either of those, you can use whatever rules you like. I can’t see what ‘official’ 15mm figures would add. Not to mention cost, scale creep, finecast… But it will never happen.


    1. Thanks for your comment Barks, I get where your coming from, but I’m just one of the many 40k fans that just don’t have the space to play and store everything in 28/30mm, sure I wouldn’t mind if I weren’t restricted, I’d love to start up some normal 40k armies for gaming, but since switching to 15mm in virtually everything (zombies/post apoc/scifi/historical/fantasy) it really does help me fit everything into the limited space I have. I did love epic, but haven’t played it for years, but I prefer my gaming more skirmish based (which is why i prefer 40k)
      There’s a huge boom in 15mm scifi, and while I agree it probably will never happen, I do think that GW are missing a good thing. Ahhh well….I can wish can’t I!!


      1. Hi there, thanks for your comment! It’s good to see that there are folks out there such as yourself who agree with the idea of 15mm 40K (or should it be nicknamed “15K”!) I’d sure like to see some examples of some of your stuff, and I’d be more than happy to help showcase your stuff on the site!
        I’ve been thinking about doing a series of articles about 15mm 40k (15K, I’m going to coin that phrase now!) proxies from the available manufacturers, what do you reckon?


  3. 40 k

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  4. I too think I would like to see 40k played with improved rules at a smaller scale. I belive 15mm is still large enough for individual basing but small enough where the scale of the conflict can be more epic with out the battlefield becoming a parking lot of tanks.


    1. Thanks for your comment Ligon,

      I think that 15mm would be a great scale for 40k, it’sjust a shame GW don’t agree!
      Still, with the new Ion age stuff being released, there’s plenty of great proxies available (as well as other stuff too) for prospective 15mm40k!


  5. I would love to see 15mm 40k. Some things may have to be abstracted to make it work. The biggest gripe I have about Gee Dubs and 40k is the scale and the background. The artwork shows giant firefights with thousands of men on each side attacking each other. The 28mm game feels like a very small, dull skirmish by comparison. 15mm would push the game from a over strength platoon to a company sized battle. Epic was more in line with the background than the 28s are. It would be a push in the right direction.
    For one thing, Space Marines are supposed to be legends spoken of in hushed whispers on cold winter nights. Most humans only see them once every millenia. Even then it is always some yokel who was pooping in the woods and no one believes him because he is an idiot. If Gee Dubs followed the back story of 40k most people would play either cultists or imperial guard. There may be a few more exotic armies but they would be on a raffle system (sort of like hunting when you enter a lottery to get a tag for that season). If you got your number drawn you had so many months to collect and play that army. Space Marines would only appear once every ten years or so at giant player events during gamesday. The staff would play them and they would not explain any of their rules or stats. Anyone who witnessed it would talk about it as the coolest thing ever. Then they would go back to pushing Guardsmen around. The guard codex would have loads more unit options to allow you to customize your regiment. I loved the 4th edition Imperial Guard codex.
    15s would also be a great chance to make the figures true scale. A space marine is 10 feet tall. A regular human in 5 – 6 feet tall. Why not make the 15mm models reflect that? Eldar should be tall and slender. For that matter Gee Dubs should make the game reflect the novels. Space marines should be extremely powerful and able to kill 100 times their number. Eldar should be so stinking fast that a humble Guardian could kill 10 humans with a shuriken catapult before they even blinked!
    I want 40k to be the way it is in the books. Either make the models true scale 15s or true scale 28s.


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