In the future, even goats wear shades…15mm Irregular Miniatures Sci-fi Goatmen


Well, I’m back after a time of chaos and stress, hope you haven’t missed me too much!. Yes, as well as it was half term, I haven’t had much time near the PC as I would have liked, but it did mean I could attempt to get some stuff painted up out of my lead mountain.

First up are these irregular miniatures goatmen, I still have more to get done, but at least now I have a squad done and along with the Pendraken 10mm minotaurs I did, they will make a nice beastman force for my collection. I’ll slowly get my hands on some other manufacturers beastmen as and when I find them, both sci-fi and fantasy, that way I’ll have a perfectly good fantasy side to use as well, and a huge horde of variously armed types for future games. The pose goes well with the minotaurs too, given the right handed justification they blend in nicely and don’t look out of place. The shades they wear does mean that I’ll probably have to convert a few of the fantasy versions to wearing similar eyegear, but luckily for me a few of those actually broke while trimming them, so they needed a bit of greenstuff to make them usable anyway!

Overall I have always liked these models and did have a load of them years ago. I do wish Irregular would put out some newer versions, maybe a few different poses, or armour and weapon variants all wouldn’t go amiss, if they did, I for one would buy them.

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