Museum of Dungeons & Dragons Indiegogo, Crowdfunding no show?

Museum of Dungeons & Dragons | Indiegogo.

UPDATE: Can you remember the D&D Museum on Indiegogo?

Well, it was quite an ambitious plan to preserve the early stuff from the days of Gygax and co, in a purpose built centre. They were asking for a whopping $150,00 for the project, which did seem quite steep in my opinion. They could have started small, I’m sure in the states there are loads of free government grants and bursaries or similar, that would have given a start if this was ever to become a reality.

All they had to do is try and find a lease on a place for less than $1000, go round blagging for donations of stuff to do the place out (local gaming groups, shops, charities, interweb etc) and they could have done it! They did  get to $1,191, so if they could have aimed for $1000 instead, they would have been able to at least get something started.

Still, what do I know? It wasn’t me doing it, but thats what I would have done!

If your listening guys, Don’t give up and try another strategy, you did get some backers, so at least you know there are people willing to help. Get in touch with the big RPG firms and those in the industry, see if they could get some sponsorship or donations. Keep it up, and I’m sure you can get the job done.

Peace out.


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3 thoughts on “Museum of Dungeons & Dragons Indiegogo, Crowdfunding no show?”

  1. This is Jim Hunton, from the Museum of D&D. We are going to fund this thing. Yes, it will happen. In fact, we have detailed the next steps we’re taking in our blog, so check it out and keep updated there or on our FB page! Thanks for the encouraging words!


    1. Hi there Jim, thanks for your comment. Great to know that your still going ahead with your plans, if you’d like to guest blog here to help your cause from time to time, and give our readers an update on your progress etc, please let me know and we’ll sort something out!!


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