Swedish woman accused of having sex with skeletons – Yahoo! News UK

Skeleton (Photo credit: dimitrij)

Swedish woman accused of having sex with skeletons – Yahoo! News UK.

As much as we are reviled by talk of necrophilia and such like death fetishes, I still find things like this funny!

Yeah, you can call me a sicko that I find stuff like this amusing, but lets face it, one can only wonder how people like this get such a buzz about having a fulfilling sex life with the dead.

Talk about this woman enjoying a good boning, well it would seem she does quite literally, as well as the occasional skullf**k too!

I wouldn’t know euro law‘s rules on this practice, but if she hasn’t been grave robbing to get the bones and she’s got them legally (which is possible, the last antiques fair I went to had a box containing about 65% of a real skeleton, which I would have bought if I’d had enough cash. It was only about £50 which is pretty cheap, but without any real documentation to say how old and where it’s origin was from, I wouldn’t have bought it.) is it still against the law to perform some bone rattling with it?

It’s something that you would have never thought about unless some dimwit like her gets into the public domain and brings up the issue. Not that I care, I just don’t think that unless necrophilia of this type is totally illegal, there wouldn’t be much they could do.

We of the Grinning Skull would just like to say; Dirty necro skeleton fucking lady, thank you for making us laugh!!

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